Local traditional food – Fagiolo VerdÓn

In Quarto d’Altino you can taste the typical venetian cuisine at the restaurants and during the events.
Our wine and food tradition is based on typical venetian dishes (fried foods, soups, grilled foods) and favourite fishermen’s recepies (hot polenta made with corn is the compulsory side dish for fish, vegetables, meat and cold cuts).
The fish from the sea as well as from the lagoon are the base for several typical dishes, thanks to a really developed fishing that increased the tradition with a great availability of daily fish.
You can taste also various popular polenta and red radicchio dishes with a really good local wine.
The typical local legume is a bean called Fagiolo Verdòn, cultivated by our farmers: it is commonly used to make Pasta e Fagioli. There are a lot of traditional dishes: hors d’oeuvres with scallops, clams, crabs, scampi, small shrimps; first courses with spaghetti and clams, mussels and lobster, risotto with shell fishes, eel, shrimps or squid ink risotto; main courses with fried or grilled flounders and soles, seabass, seabreams, mullets, squids with mush. The fish soup is a very popular dish.
You can also taste “Sardee in saor” (fried sardines with onions), “speo de bisato” (eel on a split), codfish “alla Veneziana” etc.
Our cold cuts are very good: salami, soppressa, “ossocollo” and large boiled pork sausages. Tripes are a local specialty!
Our cakes and sweets are mostly connected to the festivals and holidays: “galani”, fritters and “castagnole” during the Carnival period; “Pinza” at Christmas; flat cakes and “Bussolai” in Easter time.

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